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LED Strip Light

LED strip light, LED assembled in a strip of the FPC (flexible PCB) or PCB hard board, because the product is shaped like a band, like the name. Because of the long life (normal life of 80,000 hours to 100,000 hours), green and growing popularity in a variety of decorative industries.

1, soft, can be arbitrarily curl.
2, you can cut and Yan Jie.
3, the bulb and the path are completely covered in plastic is flexible, insulated, waterproof function is good, the use of insurance.
4, weather-resistant and strong.
5, not easy to break, using a long life expectancy.
6, easy to manufacture graphics, text and other shapes; eyes have been wide use was being built, bridges, pathways, gardens, courtyards, strata, lie flower panels, furniture, buses, lakes, underwater, posters, pink card, signs on whitewash and illuminated.

LED strip light has been widely used in furniture, automotive, advertising, lighting, ships, bars and other industries.

LED strip light is the most commonly used standard two voltage 12V and 24V, 12V three series of multiple parallel structures. 24V 6-string multiple parallel structure, since the thickness of time LED strip light is required to be connected to use, each lamp can be connected with specific long, and design of a line width and copper has a great relationship. Because the unit area can withstand the current intensity is related to the cross-sectional area and the line, if not taken into account when wiring this, then the connection is longer than the line can withstand the current of time, strip light will be because of overcurrent fever, at the expense of the board, while also reducing the led life.

LED strip light Installation Notes: LED strip light is generally a DC voltage of 12V, so need to use switching power supply, the size of the power supply according to the power and the connection length LED strip light to be. Wiring monochrome 5050 SMD LED strip light to distinguish between positive and negative, in general we provide good welding power plug directly into our offer lamps with power like the above, then all of the input power LED strip light all parallel, unified by the total switching power supply. LED strip light Installation considerations of: Controller connections and RGB LED strip light when the Symphony of Lights with a need to use the controller to achieve changing effects, wiring.

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