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Why LED lights will replace energy-saving lamps?

First: the energy saving lamps are incandescent progress
As we all know, is an important invention of Edison's incandescent lamp, this important invention of mankind bid farewell to darkness and usher in a bright but incandescent too much power, and it is probably less than one tenth of the energy was becoming light energy, the other is white thermal energy is wasted. So people are seeking ways to use the new light source to replace incandescent lamps. CFL is adopted. Because it is cheap compared to the production in terms of good, so get a lot of applications, have gradually replaced incandescent trend.

Second: energy saving light-emitting principle
The energy saving lamp poles ordinary tungsten filament. After tungsten heating power, electrons can be emitted in both sides of the tube together with a comparatively high voltage, an electric field is formed, in which electrons are accelerated in the tube, there is formed electron flow at a constant speed and energy. The lamp is evacuated, which is filled with mercury. It is what we called mercury.

In the case of lamp heating power of these mercury from liquid evaporates into a gas. Mercury atoms forming the free state. Electron flow of electrons at a constant speed hit the mercury atoms. Mercury atoms are excited into an excited state of the ions. Mercury called step occurred, excited state after a very short time spontaneously fall back to its original state, while the release of ultraviolet light, ultraviolet light can not be used for lighting, so we painted some of the inner wall of the fluorescent lamp substance under ultraviolet light bombardment, after the fluorescent substance is excited, can send more natural light, it can be used in our lighting.

Market more common energy-saving lamps have an ordinary lamp and becoming mainstream tricolor tube. And compared to incandescent bulbs have a power-saving advantages. The difference is that ordinary lamp color rendering low and lamp three primary colors are showing the natural color of the sun, and in the color and light efficiency is more than an ordinary lamp. From the above we can know that the mercury in energy saving lamp is mediating, no mercury CFLs will not light.

According to the investigation: a rough diameter fluorescent diameter is 36 mm of mercury content of 25 to 45 mg, a diameter of 26 mm diameter fluorescent fine mercury content of 20 mg, a diameter of 10 mm the mercury content of compact fluorescent lamps is 10 mg. Mercury is liquid at room temperature, is an easy-flowing silver-white liquid metal. Mercury in fluorescent tube as a gas discharge medium exists, not only improves the light efficiency of the lamp, but also enriched the type of light source. Therefore, the current energy saving light sources contain mercury. Due to the low boiling point of mercury, can evaporate at room temperature, after crushing waste fluorescent tubes, mercury vapor immediately distributed to the surrounding, instantaneous can in ambient air mercury concentration of 10 to 20 milligrams per cubic meter, the state of mercury in the air maximum allowable concentration of 0.01 milligrams per cubic meter. It may vary air flow Once mercury enters the body exceeds a certain threshold. It will destroy the human central nervous system, causing great harm to the body. Mercury into the human body is difficult to be excluded. I factory workers have more than ten years of no contact with the mercury, but mercury content inspection body remain high, and are still ready to fight mercury discharge needle. So I kind of energy saving lamps instinctive fear. In fact, the use of mercury-containing lamps in the process typically has little pollution, mainly after retirement electric light source is thrown away, resulting in rupture of mercury into the air, endangering human health and pollute the environment. Because of difficult recovery and recycling value is too low, plus it also has many other ills, so the only way is eliminated.

Third: energy saving lamps what shortcomings
1, the production process and discarded after use mercury pollution, mercury contamination present in Western countries is considerable attention. More and more people recognize the dangers of mercury pollution.
2, because it is glass, easily broken, poor transportation, bad installation.
3, the power consumption is too big a word.
4, easily damaged, short lives, energy saving does not save money this sentence is its best portrayal.

Four: LED lamp What are the advantages
1, energy saving. White LED power consumption is only 1/8 of the incandescent lamp. Energy-saving lamps in 1/2.
2, and longevity. Life of up to 100,000 hours, for ordinary home lighting can be described as "once and for all."
3, can work at high speed. Energy-saving lamps or if you frequently start of the filament will be back soon broken.
4, solid packages, are cold-light source type. So it is very convenient transportation and installation, can be installed in any micro-and closed equipment, not afraid of vibration. Basically does not need to consider the heat.
5, LED technology is the rapid progress, its luminous efficiency is astounding breakthrough. Prices have also been reduced. A white LED into the home is rapidly approaching.