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What Is Outdoor LED Lighting

LED lighting as a new type of light source lighting technology, highly efficient energy-saving, environmental protection, long life, small size, light weight and other characteristics, especially suitable for outdoor public lighting. Now the main outdoor lighting using LED floodlights, LED high bay lights, LED tunnel lights. They will achieve the level of dust and water, to deal with the harsh outdoor weather.

LED outdoor lighting through the rational control of the distribution of light so that the light rectangular ensure ideal brightness and uniformity, while eliminating glare and LED light energy utilization to the limit, and there is no light pollution. LED lamps lens and lampshade design, and converging lens array having a protective role, avoid wasteful duplication of light and reduce the loss of light, but also reduce the quality of products, and to simplify the structure, make the product more thin.

LED outdoor lighting modules can be any combination of different power and brightness needs. Each module is a separate light source and interchangeable, partial failure does not affect the normal operation of the lamp, easy disassembly and maintenance, saving maintenance costs and makes maintenance very easy. LED products covering almost the entire visible spectral range, and high color purity, color rendering is more real, more vivid. A variety of color temperature options to meet the needs of different occasions for color temperature, color temperature is too low to eliminate the sodium and mercury lamp color temperature caused by high hypnotic mood and depressed mood, so that the viewer feel comfortable. By adjusting the ratio of LED or phosphor obtained low color temperature, color temperature and high color temperature of white. Can be set based on the overall lighting needs (such as color temperature, brightness and orientation, etc.) lighting effects, the realization of human control, create different lighting effects; and to be based on their requirements, as well as different scenarios for the environment and life understanding, choice and control the light change at different spatial and temporal brightness, grayscale and color to simulate a variety of light environment to guide, regulate mood lighting to create a more humane environment.

Driving circuit board as a carrier of outdoor light source directly affects the lifetime and failure rate of LED outdoor lighting. Drive power has a good waterproof, moisture, corrosion, anti-aging design. LED outdoor lighting due to poor working conditions, by the wind and rain and sun, ultraviolet radiation, diurnal temperature changes, the impact of dust in the air, chemical gases and other conditions, lamp failure by the natural aging. LED outdoor lighting in the structural design, due to the high brightness of the needs, the components used to make LED brightness regardless of the number and terms of performance, generally were higher than indoor LED lighting, but because, when its operations generated hot temperature is relatively substantial growth. The design should take full account of the impact of these factors. LED outdoor lighting and cooling in order to avoid the wind and rain, usually radiator shell and the integration of design, it is a good two-way heat conduction. The heat and cooling housing for integrated design, but also to meet anti-sheltered sand, dust, rain and snow, will help improve LED lamps cooling, insulation, anti-rain and snow, dust properties, thereby increasing LED Outdoor Lighting reliability. Present LED outdoor lighting at ambient temperature is low, the temperature inside the lamp will be conducted through the housing to the outside, to facilitate cooling.

LED outdoor lighting and indoor lighting as compared to outdoor lighting power is relatively large, good illumination, long life, low maintenance costs. They are mainly used in highways, overpasses, car parks, stadiums, warehouses, ports and public leisure Square.

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