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What Is LED High Bay Lights

LED high bay light
, factory and mine production is the work area for use in lamps. In addition to a variety of high bay light lighting used in a typical environment, there are special circumstances for use and corrosion proof lamp lights.

With the development of technology, LED emergence, LED saving and environmentally friendly features, and high brightness than conventional lamps. Compared with the traditional high bay light for the light source, LED high bay light becomes more advantageous. First, led high bay light CRI is relatively high, followed by the high light efficiency, more energy-efficient, 100w of LED high bay light can replace traditional 250w high bay light. And the traditional light source lamp temperature up to 200 ℃ to 300 ℃, LED cold light lamps as low temperature, will be more secure. Today, LED high bay light in continuous technological innovation, with a more reasonable heat sink design, greatly reducing the weight of the lamp. 80-300w of led mining lamp cooling problem has been solved.

LED high bay light with high brightness light source, a lens and a high reflectivity LED silicone lampshade resolve the current use secondary light distribution lens brings light loss and chromatic aberration issues. The unique eutectic solder connections, to ensure the smooth flow of LED cooling channel, effectively control the light failure, and the compact, lightweight, beautiful, fully embodies the LED light, small size, light weight, the overall life of more than 50,000 hours. High-quality power, professional thermal design components make the working temperature of not more than 60 ℃; wide input voltage range ensures universal LED High Bay lights, its unique protection circuitry increases the overall reliability and robustness of LED high bay light ability; accurate constant current control technology to ensure high stability LED High Bay lamp. High brightness, light color, no ghosting, light is small, long life and other characteristics. Light body with high-quality alloy materials, special sealing and surface coating, to ensure that lighting in the humid, high temperature and other harsh environments never corrosion, rust.

LED high bay light design involves more details, such as selecting what power, what brand of light, heat problems, tectonic structures and optical design.

To ensure the lighting effects inside the building, high bay lights need to meet the following criteria: the higher the brightness of mining lamps, light should be soft, no glare. Degree of protection (dust, water) is best reached IP65. In order to ensure high bay lights can work at high frequency vibration environment, the lamps must be able to withstand high impact strength. Rated voltage of 180-260V, intermittent pauses lighting situation can not appear at work.

LED high bay light with a variety of fixed manner, ceiling, handles, embedded, linked, may be straight chain or hanging installation to be screwed directly on the need for lighting work machine.

LED high bay light is widely used in factories, mines, workshops, warehouses, gas stations, supermarkets, exhibition halls and the like.

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