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What Is Industrial LED Lighting

Industrial LED lighting including indoor workplace lighting, outdoor lighting devices, site lighting, underground lighting, road lighting, warning lighting, obstruction lighting and the like.

Industrial LED lighting is generally used in high efficiency and light distribution curve suitable lamps. According to production requirements appropriate choice of color temperature and color rendering index matching lighting to meet the lighting quality requirements limit direct glare. Lighting quality factor should take into account all the lamps meet the working environment visual comfort, visibility and safety as well as aesthetic requirements. Glare, scattering, direct, shadow, uniformity, color, color temperature, light angle, lighting noise, brightness and brightness than other factors will have a significant impact on the visual and visual effects.

According to environmental conditions, to meet the working and production conditions to choose, consider the optical and mechanical characteristics of the installation and operation, with due attention to appearance, easy installation, and coordination with the building for optimal lighting conditions, the longest working life the most energy-efficient use, and intelligent control.

Conventional industrial lighting illumination usually provide uniform illumination throughout the region, it can be used to provide local illumination than conventional lighting illuminance values of some of the visual function of lighting. By increasing the number of LED lamps and a single LED lamps to achieve the light output to improve illumination.

Industrial lighting supplemental feature lighting plan requires consideration of the comfort zone of temporary visual function, you should try to avoid the glare of the region or adjacent spaces. Large industrial facilities outdoor area lighting two different lighting systems: LED projection lighting and lighting distribution. Projection lighting function is to provide different lighting outdoor work area from the position of the minimum range is, the advantage of a more flexible light distribution for conventional and local lighting, lighting and visual appearance of prejudice must be minimized. Light distribution of the illumination system has a good light efficiency, uniform illumination and minimize adverse shadow advantages. Traditional industrial lighting illumination using ordinary lighting, including ordinary mercury lamps, metal halide, fluorescent lamps, general lighting is AC voltage, operating frequency under 50Hz light, the resulting strobe easily cause eye fatigue; problems exist filament preheating startup, can not achieve quick start; and high energy consumption, short life, frequent startup or shutdown will be black and quickly damage the filament, the actual cost is also high.

LED lights because of its exhibit with respect to traditional lighting more superior performance, it is more widely used in real life, with good prospects for development. Especially high-power LED lighting products are increasingly used in various fields put into use, the use of high-power high-brightness LED light industrial lighting products, color is good, the color rendering of the kind more real, all kinds of light color options, with high thermal conductivity, low luminous decay, pure light color, no ghosting and other characteristics, to meet the needs of different environments, eliminating the traditional lamp color temperature depression caused by high or low mood, the visual comfort, improve people's efficiency. LED high bay lights, LED floodlights and other lighting products are widely used in industrial factories and enterprises, industrial and mining enterprises, oil processing companies, chemical plants, factories, warehouses, highway toll stations, gas stations, ports, airports, supermarkets, exhibition halls, smelting light or flood lighting factories and explosive places for investment.

Lighting can be divided into: general lighting, localized general lighting, local lighting and mixed lighting.
(1) When the installation is not suitable for local lighting or unreasonable use mixed lighting, general lighting should be used;
(2) When a need is higher than the general work area lighting illuminance, can be localized general lighting;
(3) For higher illumination requirements, density is not working position, and individually mounted general illumination unreasonable place, should adopt mixed lighting;
(4) in a workplace should not be installed local lighting.

When pressing environmental conditions to select the type of fixture, should pay attention to the ambient temperature, humidity, vibration, contamination, dust, corrosion, there is the case of explosion and fire hazard media. For general dusty environment, we should adopt dust-proof lamps. For dusty environments or the presence of conductive dust dusty environments in general, we should adopt the dust density type lamps. Conductive fibers (such as carbon fiber) environment shall be IP65 rated fixture. For regular wash with water fixtures should be used not less than IP65 grade lamps.

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