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UFO LED High Bay Lights

1. Unique designed UFO shape , lighter and smaller.
2. Nichia LED SMD 3030, LM80 standard, higher installation height and higher illuminance.
3. Luminous efficiency: 150 LM/W; 60°, 90°, 120° optical design.
4. Meanwell brand led driver.
5. Configurable Smart Dimming.
6. Glass cover or PC convex cover.
7. Wide aluminum plate design, heat dissipation fast and evenly.
8. Angle for flexible bracket : 60°, 90°, 120°.
9. Installation: Chain mounted, Pole mounted, Surface Mounted.
10. Working temperature: -30°C ~ + 45°C.
11. IP65 protection level.

150LM/W UFO LED High Bay Lights - 60W, 100W, 150W

UFO LED High Bay Lights - Diagram

LED High Bay Lights C Series

UFO Shape LED High Bay Lights

150LM/W UFO LED High Bay Lights / LED industrial lighting: 60W, 100W, 150W
Models: KD-HBC-W60, KD-HBC-W100, KD-HBC-W150; Dimension: Ø261mm x 118mm, Ø261mm x 172mm, Ø300mm x 190mm; Watt: 60W, 100W, 150W; Input Voltage: AC90V~305V; CCT: 4000K, 5000K, 5700K; LED Type: LED SMD 3030(NICHIA); Lumens: 150LM/W; Life span: 50000 Hours; PFC: >90%; Material: Material; IP Grade: IP65; Warranty: 5 Years;

UFO LED High Bay Lights Video:


UFO LED high bay, designed for industrial lighting. Adopting the newest LED lighting technology, longer lifespan, lower maintenance cost, higher efficiency. Unique designed optical light distribution can focus the light to the lighting area, improving the luminaire efficiency, taking the place of traditional HID lamps. The wire is made of flame retardant cable which reaching 90VO grade. Wire in blue (AC input wire), brown, (AC input wire) and lime-green( earth wire).


1. In case of fire, explosion, electronic shock, the install, inspect and maintenance must be operated by professional people.
2. Please make sure the power off before operation! Luminaries must be electronic grounding!
3. Please make the voltage supplied is available for the luminaries!
4. Please make the luminaries working under the limited working temperature!
5. In order to guarantee enough air convection, luminaries should not be installed in narrow space!


1. All products use constant LED driver, LED chips, 5 years warranty. (under the condition that products are rightly kept, installed, used , and maintenance. Once the products fail because of improper used or installed or break the products operation manual, we are not responsible for this situation. We will repair or replace the broken products during the warranty. We will charge extra material and labor cost if over warranty.
2. Please read the instruction manual careful, all rights reserved .
3. All products are subject to change without notice.

Maintenance manual:

1. Cut off power before maintenance
2. Clean the glass of LED street light regular to keep good light transmission.
3. Clean the dusk on the surface and heat sink regular to keep good heat dissipation.
4. Do not use water or strong corrosive liquid to clean the lamp, dry cloth is better.
5. Replace LED driver: use screwdriver to open the cover, fetch out the driver. You can see three AC wires, Match brown wire with “L”, Blue with “N”, Kelly or yellow with “G”. The red or white wire on driver is the positive electrode, black wire is the negative electrode. Notice, please confirm the positive and negative electrode has not met extremely instead