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LED tunnel lighting engineering technical indicators

This paper will LED tunnel lighting project should be noted that the focus of technical indicators for analysis. It is desirable to provide a reference for the design of the unit and user.

1. The optical part of the LED light effect
LED lumen output single watt LED Tunnel Light is to determine whether the practical value of the basic indicators, based on the actual use of LED lights in the tunnel requirements, LED tunnel lamp lumens single watt LED should reach 90 lumens. After a rapid development of LED luminous efficiency, CREE, Lumileds and other famous brands have launched a new LED models.

2. Secondary light distribution light distribution form
Current common light distribution in the form of concentrating light, side light emitting type, Lambertian light distribution. Different applications to apply different forms of light, such as: road lighting should choose a bat wing light distribution, lighting should use a concentrating light. Due to the special nature of tunnel lighting, tunnel lighting fixtures arranged density is very high, so the tunnel lighting fixtures from a secondary light distribution is different from the general road lighting. In tunnel lighting bat wing light distribution, Lambertian light distribution is able to meet the requirements of illumination uniformity, which is mainly due to the light from the tunnel lighting is relatively small.

3. Optical design particularity
Although the tunnel lighting of the light distribution in the form of relatively loose requirements, but there must be a light distribution design. Since the optical design is based on a source of light distribution on, so that different light sources have different distributions corresponding optical design will change. So although there are professional do the reflector, lens design and production of the manufacturers, but their products are only offered to a certain kind of LED light source for the design basis, of course, can only be suitable for a particular An LED light source. And now the type of LED light source increases rapidly in LED replacement but also an inevitable requirement reflectors, lenses do replacement. Therefore, the second optical design must be completed by the tunnel light manufacturers themselves.

4. With glossy type selection
Usually there is more commonly used surface type: spherical, ellipsoid, hyperboloid, paraboloid, free-form surfaces, of which the most widely used free-form surface, the widest range of applications. Also in the light also has the use of the plane, but the plane is usually only played a transitional role (extended source), but cannot play a real role in the light distribution.

5. Anticipation of lighting effects
To luminaires tunnel lighting lighting effects and installation of a pre-sentence, usually we need the basic parameters of the construction site, lighting optoelectronic test data (for example, IES file format) to do simulation in special lighting software analyze and evaluate lighting effects, to determine the optimal parameters of the installation.

6. Power Factor
Current power factor correction is two major categories: active power factor correction, passive power factor correction.

Active power factor correction of high precision, stable performance, the highest value can be done in PFC 0.99; passive power factor correction circuit is simple, low cost. Passive PFC but the disadvantages are also obvious: As many lamps have a size limit, so the huge inductance limits the usefulness; in order to common worldwide, the need for a line voltage range switch. Increasing this switch increases the risk for operational errors caused; unregulated DC voltage rail to improve after the PFC stage - DC converter costs and reduce efficiency. Tunnel lighting generally requires a lot of lamps. Power consumption is huge. Therefore, we must consider the power factor correction.

7. EMI & EMC
A good electronic products, are necessary to guarantee'll work under electromagnetic interference from other equipment, but also to assure other devices produce electromagnetic interference at work, which is what we usually electromagnetic compatibility requirements. EMC design level of quality and technical performance products plays a very crucial role.

Electromagnetic interference is generally divided into two categories: conducted interference and radiated interference. Conducted interference is the signal coupling through a conductive medium (interference) on an electric power network to another network. Radiated interference is the interference source through space to its signal coupling (interference) to another radio network.

8. Control System
Usually in the tunnel lighting requirements are based on the brightness outside the cave, inside the cave, traffic and driving speed and other factors on the lamp luminance and brightness stepless regulation of the cave. Therefore, LED tunnel lighting drive power should be acceptable dimming control signal and the output current can be adjusted to adjust the LED luminous flux. In addition, since the tunnel lighting fixtures use a huge number. Therefore, we must establish the lamp failure detection mechanism.

9. Radiating
LED is an optoelectronic device during operation is only a small part of the energy is converted into light, most of the rest of the energy is converted into heat, so that the LED temperature. On the other hand, LED lumen output as the LED junction temperature increases and decreases, while the LED junction temperature rise as life expectancy shortened. Therefore, the LED's heat is well handled well will be directly related to the use of tunnel lighting effects and life.

Currently there are high-power LED cooling several forms: natural cooling. Install a fan forced cooling and heat pipe technology. Natural cooling using natural convection and heat radiation, install a fan forced cooling main advantage of forced convection cooling, heat pipe cooling of course, the use of heat pipe as a heat sink member. Natural cooling cooling lowest cost structure, reliable, easy to make waterproof but light body structure design itself demanding; install a fan forced cooling heat faster, but the high cost, high noise, difficult water, life is short; heat pipe cooling without moving components, system stability, but the high cost, not beautiful.

Therefore, priority should be given several Cooling natural cooling mode, when the natural heat is difficult to solve the problems we will consider other ways of cooling.