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High power LED Flood Lights

High power LED flood light
is composed of high-power LED light source, whose wattage is relatively large, generally defined between 100W to 300W. According to different occasions, with different wattage. In most cases it is used in outdoor public places, so you can become outdoor LED flood lights. For applications such as large-scale mining operations, buildings, billboards and the like. Of course, it also can be used indoors. Since the LED light condenser good performance and high brightness, so that the LED light source is used in more and more the focus of the irradiation field. Spotlights outgoing beam angle has a narrow width, reflector lamp with rotational symmetry, and having an axis of symmetry along the axis of the reflector is installed rotationally symmetric light distribution of the light source. Intensity curve of such lamps like concentric circles. This form of cast light in a single lamp lighting, the irradiated surface to get elliptical spots, uneven illumination. But more lighting, spot superimposed on each other, can produce a satisfactory lighting effects. As usual on the stadium hundreds of rotationally symmetric shape spot lights mounted on towers around the stadium to give high intensity, high uniformity of illumination.

LED light source by decades of technological improvements, the service life compared to traditional light sources, all aspects of the start time, stability, security, and environmental protection has advantages, it is widely used in individual and completely replace the traditional lighting source . On lighting quality, because the LED lamps for light, no heat radiation, ultraviolet and infrared radiation, exhibits or merchandise does not produce damage. Compared with traditional light sources, lamps do not need additional filters, lights, simple, inexpensive, easy to install.

The precise distribution of light can be used as a substitute for the traditional lighting of the museum. Commercial lighting metropolis using colored LED lights, indoor decorative white LED interior decoration can be combined to provide auxiliary lighting for the interior. For low space is particularly advantageous. LED flood light with traditional high pressure sodium and metal halide lamps compared, there is a very obvious feature is the quick start-up time, no pre-start-up time, immediately after the lights can be lit again, so it can be used in some people stay short place, and the emergence of sensor flood light, which is the traditional light sources such as light-emitting high pressure sodium and metal halide lamps can not do. LED flood light with its high luminous efficiency, low power consumption, long life, high reliability, and security is conducive to environmental protection and other advantages, has become the mainstream of modern outdoor lighting products. Reasonable structure design, light reflection rate, with converging effect, a small irradiated area, according to Cheng Yuan, good light effect, high thermal efficiency, waterproof sealing strong, reduce production costs, reduce the effective volume of the entire light LED flood light . LED flood light is used as an indoor and outdoor lighting device for a particular area, generally light and strong.

Several key design: thermal, optical structure design, waterproof and dustproof. First to be considered is the heat, heat the merits of a direct impact on the structure of the optical structure design; and waterproof and dustproof processing, is to rely on the structure of the lamp body radiator that is to achieve, so it focuses on three mutual influence. LED light source selection SMD or COB integrated light source, LED chip is the most critical parts, which directly affects the overall effect of the LED lamps for light, generally choose CREE, Bridgelux, philips and other brands of chips, relatively good quality. Emission color can be monochrome, you can also use internal and external control two control modes, to achieve full-color change, color flashes and other effects. According to the requirements of modern building exterior lighting Flood lights miniaturization trend Flood lights development. Its light outlet can be one-way, it can be the upper and lower directions. LED high power cast light shell die-cast aluminum, the surface of glass, fully waterproof, protection class IP65, suitable for inner city lighting engineering, business establishments, airports, subways, elevated overpasses, buildings and other landmarks, the outer wall panoramic lighting.

Light body with high-quality die-cast aluminum lamp, exquisite beauty, shell fin that is able to achieve a good heat dissipation, but also a decorative lamps stripes, surface electrostatic spray anti-aging treatment, self-cleaning, corrosion resistance; a professional-level waterproof design structure, to achieve a high standard of water quality, completely reliable guarantee safety lighting for outdoor use, easy to maintain for the future while the lamp. Traditional flood light is usually determined by the size of the source volume and the size of the reflector cup. The LED flood light by the size of the general power to decide, which is determined by the size of the radiator, because the greater the power required, the greater the size of the radiator.

LED flood light is usually installed on the wall or on the ground: in the wall or punching the ground, mounted expansion screw, and then loaded LED lamps for light, locked with a screw; a distance between the light cast according to customer requirements It may be. High LED flood light for angle adjustment requirement that in the case of a large angle to meet the regulation also needs to maintain sufficient stability.

Our floodlights commonly used Bridgelux, Cree, philips and other brands of chips, IP level reached IP65, high efficiency Meanwell power supply, high power LED flood lights quality guaranteed, high-quality LED flood light fixtures can be reduced maintenance cost. Sports Center, concerts, outdoor basketball courts and soccer fields, widespread is the use of LED floodlights, of course, in urban planning, plazas and underground walkways, etc., also use LED floodlights. In the extreme environment test concluded, LED flood lights have a good energy efficient than conventional halogen floodlights.